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How To Spend 2 Days In Amsterdam?

I got to spend 2 days in Amsterdam with my sister when she was living in Sweden. We got a local tour from a friend of a friend. It is a very cool city! It is very walkable and cyclable.

If you only have two days in Amsterdam for your visit or stopover, we have provided you a great introduction of Amsterdam and a few travel itineraries to help you plan.

2 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary

Amsterdam is a place that will give you a high to live life harder and happier. Amsterdam is a world-class city of old-brick buildings, canals, restaurants, parks, museums, and has tulips growing everywhere. It also has a very easy-going feel to it.

And yes, though Amsterdam has a distinct old-world cultural charm, the city is ever-changing and matches up well with the global trends. This city is a perfect place to see on a stopover to Europe

Day 1 in Amsterdam: See the best sights and things to do in the city

For your day 1 in Amsterdam, we come up with few highlights of the best activities and places to visit in the city. This way, you can choose what interest you most and start from there.

Best places to visit in Amsterdam

The Red Light District is unique to Amsterdam in how above ground the usual underground activity in every city. The Red Light District is quieter in the day and is sprawling with tourists at night who keep gazing at the workers in the window. The Cafes, bars, and the streets are full of life and are highlighted by the signature red lights!

Best Things to Do in Amsterdam

Since there are innumerable places to visit in Amsterdam, many travel bloggers have suggested similar sites that you must visit when in Amsterdam. From taking a walking/biking tour to visit the many museums, including the Van Gogh museum, tulips museum and more. There are several places in the museum square where you can have lunch and then take a break for coffee at the Bruine cafes.

The canal cruise is also a must thing to do in Amsterdam - instead of the usual larger boats with closed tops, you should opt for a smaller open boat and enjoy the feel of the city. Some cruises also serve wine while cruising down the city.

Day 2 in Amsterdam: Check out the best museums

For your second day in Amsterdam, you can do a museum day. This way, you can focus on specific activity for the day. Choose among these best museums in the city to spend your second day.

Start your museum tour by exploring the Museum square. You can buy any of the following cards for touring the city. The Museum card gives you free access to the 400 museums in the Netherlands, and the I Am Amsterdam Card covers a free canal cruise, museum entrance fees (except the Anne Frank House entrance fees), and transportation fees in the city. Do not miss getting yourself clicked at the 'I Amsterdam' sign for memoirs of a lifetime, says Linda, our multilingual expert and travel blogger.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh museum can get jam-packed. Regardless if you have the Museum/I Am Amsterdam card, you have to reserve your slot online when booking. The tour lasts for about an hour and the open hours are usually between 9 am to 5 pm. Indulge in the fine art of many of Van Gogh's masterpieces.

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer / Unsplash


It is a mammoth museum which features the famous painting, "The Night Watch". There is an extensive collection of Rembrandt paintings, along with the work of many famous Dutch artists.

Three girls watching a Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
Photo by Christian Fregnan / Unsplash

Anne Frank House

Take a tour around this house to know more about Anne Frank, while living with her family in hiding. The place is always very crowded, and you should book the ticket well in advance to skip the long booking queues.

The Tulip Museum

This impressive museum is located in the basement of a tulip shop and gives you a complete insight into the history of Tulips and its craze in Amsterdam. One of the best off-beaten Holland attractions; affirms travel blogger Nomadic Matt.

Amsterdam History Museum

This museum requires 3-4 hours to tour the place extensively. One of the best history museums, says Nomadic Matt.

Some other notable museums that you could visit are the Museum Amstelkring, The Rembrandt House Museum, Museum Van Loon and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Apart from these museums, there is also the 'Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum' for those interested in learning about cannabis.

Other tips for your 2 days in Amsterdam

Best places to eat and drink in Amsterdam

Once in Amsterdam, be sure to savour some of the traditional Dutch delicacies for breakfast, namely, the Dutch cheeses, traditional brown bread and ontbijtkoek (a rye flour cake with added spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg), recommends Linda from As we saw it. An excellent spot for breakfast, Pancake Bakery, is a coveted breakfast joint in Amsterdam that you should visit for breakfast. Relish the sumptuous pancakes garnished with an incredible variety of toppings…pure bliss!

Close to the central area is an area called Jordaan, which is a very peaceful area with several cafes and restaurants that is perfect to enjoy lunch, after a round of sightseeing. A great place to go that is just a few blocks away from the hustle-bustle of the main streets is Piqniq, one of the top restaurants in Amsterdam serving gourmet burgers, sandwiches, and soups, for lunch, that is was recommended by The Earth Trekkers. Moeders and Winkel 43(Apple Pie) are two more restaurants you must visit, suggests Nomadic Matt. And if liquor is on your mind, The House of Bols is an excellent pick if you are strolling through Leidseplein.

By dinner, I'm sure you will be exhausted and hungry. The top places as suggested by the Earth Trekkers include -
• Vinkeles- A premium French cuisine restaurant.
• Foodhallen- A mammoth food hall having many small budget restaurants.
• Café De Reiger- A bar popular with the locals.
• Preoflokaal Arendsnest- One of the best bars in the area around the canals.

Places to Stay in Amsterdam

High Price

The Jordaan and the Nine Streets is the best areas to stay In Amsterdam. The city provides a wide range of options to stay, right from hotels, hostels, to homestays. One of the hotels to stay at is the Dylan, a luxury hotel is located on Keizersgracht

Medium price

A medium-priced hotel to stay at is the T' Hotel, situated on a peaceful canal and is well-connected to all the city's central areas. The Crowne Plaza South is another hotel which is a little away from the center of Amsterdam but is a comfortable place to stay.

Budget price

Jordaan Suite Bed and Bubbles, located at Hazenstraat near the Jordaan area, a sought after a place to stay on a budget

Itineraries for more than 2 days in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam offers numerous touring and sightseeing options to tourists. It would help if you had a well-planned itinerary to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Some of the best travel bloggers have suggested these travel itineraries that will help you plan your visit.

Photo by Eirik Skarstein / Unsplash

3-5 days in Amsterdam

This 3-5 day itinerary by Nomadic Matt, the travel writer from the New York Times, is one of the most extensive travel plans about Amsterdam. He immaculately pens down his suggestions, the places to visit, eat, stays, and some useful tips for tourists. He covers all possible tours of the museums, canals, and other major attractions of the city. Find out the best way to get the maximum out of your Amsterdam trip with Nomadic Matt’s suggestions here.

Visiting Amsterdam: 3-5 Day Suggested Itinerary for Travelers
This 3, 4, or 5 day Amsterdam itinerary will help you make the most of your stay by giving you suggested thing to see and do on your trip!
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