2 Days In Prague Itinerary

Prague Introduction

Prague is the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic. The city is often considered one of Europe's prettiest cities with well-preserved medieval monuments and Baroque architectural masterpieces. Prague was the historical capital of Bohemia, which is the largest historical region of the Czech Republic. If you are planning to stay for 2 days in Prague, here are some suggestions and tips for you to make the most out of your stayover.

2 Days In Prague Itinerary

Day 1 in Prague: See the best sights and architectural gems in the city

There are several things to do in Prague but you can see most of them in 2 days as the city's main attractions are closed to each other. For your first day in Prague, you can choose among the best attractions below to fill up your itinerary. It's a long list but these places are really closed to each other and it's unlikely to spend more than 30 minutes in each location.  

Best things to do in Prague

There are many places to visit and things to experience in Prague. But your Prague stopover would be incomplete without visiting the following sites.

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, according to the Guinness Book of records. This UNESCO world heritage site is also the most popular tourist attraction of the city. Prague castle complex has cathedrals, museums and stores to keep you occupied for several hours. St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane, the Powder Tower, and Rosenberg Palace are some places worth visiting.

2. Old Town Square

Busy day at Old Town Square

The old town square is the place to visit in Prague for medieval buildings. The Astronomical clock, Old Townhall, St. Nicholas church and exploring the catacombs are some highlights of the old town square. You can take a horse carriage ride to explore sights or relax and enjoy musicians and other street performers performing in the square.

3. Charles Bridge

Charles bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge that connects the old town square with the Prague Castle area and perhaps the most iconic and photographed landmark in Prague. You will see many caricature artists, souvenir shops and other paintings on the bridge. The bridge usually gets packed with tourists. So, make sure to visit it as early as possible.

Charles bridge, Prague

Best architectural landmarks in Prague

Prague has several unusual and unique architectural landmarks that you cannot find anywhere else. We suggest the following for your Prague stayover.

1.  Dancing House

Galerie Tančící dům (Dancing house gallery), Prague

These two buildings have an unusual architectural design made to look like two dancers. There is an art gallery inside and at the top, a restaurant offering 360-degree views of the city.

2. Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock in the old town is famous for the little performance it offers every hour. Built-in 1410, this is the most ageing function clock of its kind in the world.

Astronomical clock, Prague

Day 2 In Prague: See the best view points, the neighborhoods and off-the-beaten trails

For your second day in Prague, don't forget to check out the local neighborhoods and the view point. You can also venture farther for the non-touristy places in the city.  

Best viewpoints in Prague

While already mentioned, Charles bridge and Riegrovy Sady offer some of the city's best views, here are other places worth visiting.

1. Old Town Hall Tower

Old town hall tower is one of the best to visit for panoramic views with the main square and Church of Our Lady before Týn in one direction, and Prague Castle in the other order. The evening is the best time to visit; however, the place could get crowded in the evenings.

Old town hall tower, Prague

2. Letna Park

Go to Letna park to catch a view of several Prague’s bridges in one shot. Hanavsky pavilion in the garden provides some of the best views of the Prague skyline. The park is free to enter as well.

Best neighbourhoods to visit in Prague

Prague has some of the coolest neighbourhoods, from the fairy-tale-like old town to hip and trendy neighbourhoods. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods to visit during a Prague stayover.

1. Malá Strana

Malá Strana, which means lesser town or little quarter, is the best neighbourhood for visitors who prefer quiet and peaceful places. This neighbourhood is the home of the iconic Prague Castle. St. Nicholas Church and John Lennon wall are other main attractions of the neighbourhood. Malá Strana has many restaurants and cafes.

Malá Strana (Lesser Town), Prague

2. Vinohrady

Vinohrady was a vineyard in the 14thcentury.  Now the neighbourhood has some of Prague's most elegant architectural landmarks. The neighbourhood has many restaurants serving international cuisines as well. Náměstí Miru square and Havlíčkovy Sady park are some highlights of Vinohrady.

3. Žižkov

Žižkov was a traditional working-class neighbourhood. But now the place is evolving into one of the coolest in Prague. The name Žižkov comes from the one-eyed warrior named Jan Žižka who never lost a battle. Riegrovy Sady park and Žižkov TV Tower are some attractions worth visiting.

TV Tower, Žižkov, Prague

Off the beaten trail in Prague.

Prague is famous for its impressive architecture and delicious beer. But the city has many off the beaten things waiting for interested travellers.

1. Vyšehrad

While the Prague castle is on everyone's Prague travel plan, the same cannot be said about Prague's second castle. This castle complex has many vantage points for photographers, and it is the home of Prague's oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St. Martin. While you there, enjoy a drink in the beer garden Na hradbách.

Distance view of the Vyšehrad castle

2. Riegrovy Sady

Riegrovy Sady is a public park situated on a large hill overlooking the city. The park is an ideal place to relax and view the sunset.  There is a beer garden in the park you can go for a few drinks and dinner after watching the sunset.

3. Brewery tour

Czech beer is famous all over the world. So, doing a brewery tour in Prague is worth it if you are a beer lover. The city has many breweries offering quality beer. Visit village breweries outside of Prague to experience the Czech countryside. There are a few brewery tours options you can book online.

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Other tips for your 2 days in Prague

For more tips for your long layover, we recommend to check out these restaurants and hotels for your multi-city trip.

Best places to eat and drink in Prague

Prague has restaurants that serve traditional Czech dishes as well as a variety of international cuisines.

If you want to try traditional Czech dishes, Kolkovna Olympia restaurant is the best to visit. Hannah of the "East Sleep Breath Travel" blog says the place serves classic dishes such as Schnitzel and Goulash at reasonable prices.

According to Nomadic Matt, U Medvídku restaurant is also a good place, especially for soup and goulash. Las Adelitas (Mexican), Mangal restaurant (Turkish) and Indian by nature (Indian) are some famous restaurants that serve international cuisines.

Trdelnik (a classic Czech pastry), Palačinky (Czech pancake), Chlebíčky (Czech sandwich) and Knedlíky (traditional side dish) are some Czech dishes we recommend you to try. Also, visit the Prague Beer Museum to taste a wide variety of beers.

Trdelnik - a classic Czech pastry

Itineraries for more than 2 days in Prague

A good itinerary will help you with a hassle-free stopover and enjoy your stayover to the fullest. So before planning your itinerary, here are some suggestions that would help you.

3 days in Prague.

Hannah is a Canadian travel blogger who shares her views on various travel destinations on her blog, "Eat Sleep Breath Travel." You will find a 3-day Prague itinerary on her blog with many tips and other useful information. Read how Hannah spent her 3 days in Prague here,

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4 days in Prague.

Award-winning US travel blogger Nomadic Matt is an expert on budget travelling. You can find his travel adventures in his namesake blog. Nomadic Matt’s 4-day Prague itinerary has useful information on admission fees and addresses of the city's most famous attractions. Read to find out more about Nomadic Matt's Prague tour.

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