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Hong Kong 2 Day Itinerary

I got to visit Hong Kong a number of times on a stopover to Asia. Each time I got to explore another part of the city. The city is massive and takes a few days. I'd recommend going on the longer side if possible. If not, I have a brief introduction to the city as well as itinerary for 2 days in Hong Kong to help you plan your stopover.

Your Hong Kong 2 Day Itinerary

The stunning city of Hong Kong has it all: ancient heritage, bright skyscrapers, bustling marketplaces, and untouched wilderness to name but a few of its draws.

Seamlessly integrating the glitz and glamour of the 21st-century with a local authenticity rarely so well-preserved in global cities, Hong Kong is an unforgettable travel destination.

It's also a hub for cheap flight connections to most of South East Asia. So it's the best city to visit for a multicity stop over flight.

Day 1 in Hong Kong: See some of the best of the city

From the busy street markets and ancient temples to the lush nature trails and scenic lookouts, there is an endless range of possibilities in Hong Kong. If you're looking to plan your trip to Hong Kong, check out some of the top attractions below:

Best Places To See In Hong Kong

Take the scenic Ngong Ping cable car over the ocean to the gargantuan Tian Tan Buddha Statue which towers over Lantau Island (check out IndianaJo and her experience for stunning pictures). For a fascinating insight into Hong Kong's unique history, explore the Hong Kong Museum of History in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Big Buddha
Photo by Jason Cooper / Unsplash

Day 2 in Hong Kong: See some of the best nature spots and check out a family activity

For your second day in Hong Kong, you can check this list of best nature spots, places to eat and drink and best places to shop. You should have enough options for your 2 days in Hong Kong.

Best Nature Spots In Hong Kong

Head up to the iconic viewing platform on Victoria Peak for an unrivaled panoramic view of Hong Kong. Take the Peak Tram for a leisurely trip or venture up on foot for a scenic 90-minute hike.

Alternatively, relax at the beautifully-maintained Hong Kong Park just above Central district, a verdant getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Top of Hong Kong
Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan / Unsplash

Family Things To Do In Hong Kong

Enjoy a day trip out on one of the iconic local junk boats, available for hire for scenic trips or rowdy parties for a younger crowd. In the evening, head down to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront to catch the famous Symphony of Lights across Victoria Harbor.

Other tips for your Hong Kong 2 days itinerary

Best Time To Visit Hong Kong

The climate in Hong Kong is at its coolest and driest between October to February, which is also the high travel season.

To avoid the crowds, time your visit around the Chinese New Year period, which draws in millions to the city.

Hong Kong is an excellent year-round destination, but high humidity and heavy rainfall over the typhoon season from May-September is unbearable for some.

Where To Go Shopping In Hong Kong

If you're looking for bargains and a flavor of authentic Hong Kong, there's no better place than the bustling district of Mong Kok, said to be the world's most densely populated area. Just a brief stroll south of Mong Kok is the famous Temple Street Night Market, a hit with tourists in the evening.

Best Places to Eat and Drink In Hong Kong

Food is on every street corner in Hong Kong so you won't have to travel far to find something tasty. Just like Nomadic Matt and JonesAroundTheWorld, consider a food tour to explore the diverse range of street stalls and culinary hideouts and make new friends along the way. The capital district for partying is undoubtedly Lan Kwai Fong, a buzzing district home to everything from high-end ice bars to affordable dives for travelers of all tastes.

Where To Stay In Hong Kong

One of Asia's backpacking meccas is the famous Chungking Mansions in Kowloon, one of the only centrally-located places to stay for those on a backpacker-budget. This dated tenement is infamous for its cast of quirky characters and knock-off goods but makes for an exciting tale.

Getting Around In Hong Kong

Public transport + taxis + ride-share (Uber etc…)
Hong Kong is a bustling city, so it pays to know how to get around most efficiently.

Public transportation in Hong Kong is excellent and extensive (and very affordable), with a metro and bus system complemented by the dated yet charming tram system. Ferries are also a scenic way to travel between the islands. Get a Hong Kong Octopus Card for easy cashless travel.

The iconic red taxis of Hong Kong serve Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, while Green taxis are to be found mostly around the New Territories. You may also spot one of the rare Blue taxis which are exclusively found on Lantau Island.

Hong Kong is currently served by multiple ride-share services, including Uber, Fly Taxi, and Lyft. Ride-share trips tend to be cheaper if you're traveling long distances, as Hong Kong cabs calculate your final fare both by time and per km.

Itineraries for more than 2 days in Hong Kong

3 Days In Hong Kong

The bloggers behind Nomadsaurus offer an excellent run-down of how to make the most of a short stay in Hong Kong. This informative blog includes many of the best things to do in Hong Kong, along with top tips on where to grab some breakfast or pick up local bargains.

There's an eclectic range of suggestions to be found on this blog including popular day trips like visiting the iconic Tan Tian Buddha Statue via the scenic Ngong Ping 360 cable car along with other lesser-known attractions like the authentic antiques of Cat Alley and a few of the top drinking spots across the city.

The Perfect Itinerary for 3 Days in Hong Kong (2019 Edition) | NOMADasaurus Adventure Travel Blog
There’s so much to do in this incredible place, but if you only have 3 days in Hong Kong make sure you follow this itinerary to make the most of your visit.

4-5 Days in Hong Kong

With over 10 years of traveling experience and a New York Times bestseller to his name, Nomadic Matt knows the ins-and-outs of traveling on a budget.

His blog recounts his experiences in Hong Kong with rich detail and includes many useful tidbits of information such as prices, opening times, and trusted local travel companies.

His itinerary in Hong Kong includes most of the popular attractions along with a few unique suggestions like walking food tours and junk boat day-trips.

Visiting Hong Kong: 3-5 Day Suggested Itineraries (Updated 2020)
Hong Kong is a large, fast-paced multi-cultural city. Here is my suggested itinerary for Hong Kong, including tours, sights, shops, and places to eat.
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