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How To Spend 2 or 3 Days in Singapore

I got to see Singapore just after the movie Crazy Rich Asians was released. As mentioned in the movie the country is small, rich, clean and has some of the best food! The city and can be toured around easy by taxi or by train. And 2 days in Singapore is more than enough to get a solid introduction to what this country is about and have some fun too!

2 Days in Singapore Itinerary

Singapore has everything: skyscrapers, heritage, marketplaces, and untouched wilderness. There are so many things to do in Singapore. The glamour and fun of the 21st-century mixed with the wilder nature make a unique destination to see and is small enough you can see it on a stopover. As one of the global cities, Singapore is unlike any city in Asia as it merges both Eastern and Western culture into itself.

Day 1 in Singapore Itinerary: Do the best things in the city

For your first day in Singapore, check out this list of the best things to do in Singapore.

Best things to do in Singapore

Singapore Zoo, which is something I missed but was rated highly from other travellers is a must-see expecailly if you are interested in South Asia wildlife.

Another main attraction is Sentosa Island, which has themed attractions, award-winning spas, lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches.

Finally, Merlion Park, which has the infamous Merlion statue which stands 8.6 metres tall and weighs 70 tonnes.

Lights shone on the Merlion as it overlooks Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands. During the Formula 1 Grand Prix night race, lights were projected onto the Merlion and the 'boat' of Marina Bay Sands.
Photo by Joshua Ang / Unsplash

You need to eat and shop when in Singapore. It's impossible to avoid the hundreds of different hawker centers and malls that span the city.

If that doesn't interest you, other great sites include visiting Boat Quay for dinning, Marina Bay Sands (I call it the boat hotel), and the Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay.

Day 2 in Singapore Itinerary: See the best nature spots

For your second day, you can choose on these selections of best nature spots, places to shop and places to eat and drink in Singapore.

You should try the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, which is an excellent spot for nature lovers and exercise enthusiasts. A great place to cycle trails, traditional kampongs (villages), and mangroves of the Chek Jawa Wetlands is Pulau Ubin Island, which is on the northeast of mainland Singapore. The last place to see Singapore's Nature is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - which offers hiking and bike trails for observing some of the rarest insect, bird, and mammal species in the world.

Other tips for your 2 or 3 days in Singapore

Best Places to Shop In Singapore

If you have ever been to Singapore's, you'll know a favorite pastime is shopping. Orchard road should be your first stop for luxury shopping. Some other destinations for something a bit different are Kampong Glam or Arab Street, where there is a hub of creative talent in Singapore.

Best Places to Eat and Drink In Singapore

One thing you don't have to think about in Singapore is food. There are Hawkers centers everywhere. Hawker centers are food courts that have 10 to 30 or more food stalls each run by a local family. Each stand is a chance to try highly rated food on a budget. One of the best ones mentioned by Dave from Jones around the world was the Tiong Bahru Market.

On a slow and dreary night, a local Singapore hawker center is all but deserted except for two night-owls from different generations.
Photo by Sarthak Navjivan / Unsplash

Family Things To Do In Singapore

For families, again the Singapore zoo is a must. The 28-hectare park has more than 3,000 animals. And kids love them. Another great spot (mentioned above) is Boat Quay, which has excellent views of the water and some of the best restaurants in the city.

It's not really allowed to take a drone in public, therefore I had to wake up very early to shoot this aerial shot in Gardens by the Bay, an amazing nature park in Singapore.Totally worth it!
Photo by Sergio Sala / Unsplash

3 days in Singapore

Big fan of Jones around the world. I thought I would link to his awesome 3 day itinerary for Singapore

A Southern-Californian travel photographer turned into a Nomad Travel Blogger offers a detailed insight into how to make sure a short trip in Singapore is a memorable one. This blog includes many of the best activities to do in Singapore on that cheap multi-city flight you found. Also, there are tips about where to eat and where to stay.

The Ultimate Singapore Itinerary | Best Places to Visit in 2-3 Days [2019]
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