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10 Interesting Facts About Buenos Aires Explained With Video

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the most visited city in South America. The city is known as "The Paris of South America" due to various similarities it has with France's capital. If you plan to stopover in this fabulous South American city, check out these exciting facts about Buenos Aires to make the most out of your stopover or check out our 4 days in Buenos Aires Itinerary.

General Facts About Buenos Aires

1. The locals of Buenos Aires call themselves Porteños

The locals of Buenos Aires are known as Porteños (people of the port). Porteños hold their identity in high esteem. People born in Buenos Aires would tell they are Porteños before calling themselves Argentinians. They are highly energetic and excited all the time, and their norm is to live their lives to the fullest.

2. Buenos Aires began as a city during the Spanish expedition

A Spanish expedition led by Pedro De Mendoza established Buenos Aires in 1536 and served as a stronghold to control the entry of the Rio de la Plata. After becoming independent from Spain at the beginning of the 19th century, many immigrants settled in Buenos Aires. Since then, the city went under several phases to become what it is now.

Interesting Facts About Buenos Aires

3. Buenos Aires is a city full of passion

A well-known fact about Buenos Aires is that the city is full of passions. Locals describe their passion for their city describing a city that has a vibrant street market, music, art and excellent a restaurant scene and finally a real passion for polo and its horses.

4. Buenos Aires has dramatically improved its public transportation

Buenos Aires sets an example to the entire world by reinventing itself through transportation and becoming a people-friendly city. In 2013 the city opened the MetroBus BRT system with exclusive lanes for buses, which is now paying huge dividends. MetroBus has cut the average commute in the city centre from 55 minutes to remarkable 18 minutes.

5. Buenos Aires is a paradise for meat lovers.

Every foodie that travels to Buenos Aires has two things on their minds: Malbec and meat. One of the best places to enjoy a tasty Argentine meat dish is Don Julio in Palermo's neighbourhood. It is also an excellent place for visitors to get an inside look into Argentine culture.

Being a paradise for meat lovers is one of the most popular facts about Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires has restaurants of every scale serving Argentine dishes. But a particular type of restaurant is flourishing in the city. These restaurants are set up in backyards, living rooms, or even rooftops of houses to serve local food and drinks to diners and drinkers.

7. Buenos Aires is the birthplace of Tango

Tango is a social dance that originated in Buenos Aires and along the Río de la Plata. Two men originally danced the Tango as an expression of strength, passion, and freedom. But as the Argentine became more progressive, women started to participate in Tango. Today there are many variations of Tango that exist around the world.

8. The Cumbia dance is the new tango

Nightlife in Buenos Aires unmissable. While Tango is famous for being a cultural dance, a new dance style is becoming popular among the young generation of Buenos Aires named Cumbia. Cumbia is a dance and music of the poor in Latin America. The younger generation is practicing a particular version of Cumbia called Cumbia Turra, a common sight in Buenos Aires' nightclubs.

9. Over 700,000 residents live in slums.

Just like many other big cities, many people live in slums in Buenos Aires. The current administration has several plans to improve the living conditions of these people. One such project is to relocate people who lived in the famous abandoned building known as “The white elephant” and use the area to build a park and schools.

10. The soccer teams of Buenos Aires has one of the world’s most intense soccer rivalries

Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina. The national team became world champions on several occasions, much to the delight of many Argentinians. There are several soccer clubs in Buenos Aires. Boca Juniors and River Plate soccer clubs are the two most prominent in terms of support and success. So, when these teams play each other, their supporters often collide, making it a must-watch spectacle in the soccer world.

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