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9 Interesting Facts About Copenhagen Explained With Video

Initially, from a Viking fishing village to be one of the most sustainable cities globally, Copenhagen never fails to amaze its visitors. If you plan to stopover this Scandinavian city, it is essential to be aware of some interesting and fascinating facts about the city. If you need a guide to Copenhagen check out our 2 days in Copenhagen  to make the most out it. And here's our list of the most interesting facts about Copenhagen.

General facts about Copenhagen

1.One of the most liveable cities in the world

In 2007, the British lifestyle magazine "Monocle" ranked Copenhagen at number 6 in its ranking of the world's most liveable city. The availability of quality healthcare, educational services, and infrastructures such as quality public transportation, housing facilities, telecommunication, and water makes Copenhagen ranked high. Also, the lack of petty crimes makes the city one of the most peaceful as well.

The city has experienced a rapid boom in the culinary sector, making the city one of the most important food cities in the world.

2. World's first carbon-neutral capital

Global warming and climate changes are arguably the most significant challenges humanity will face in the future. To answer that, Copenhagen is planning to be the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. The city has already reduced its CO2 output by 40% by switching from Coal to wind power. Electric and Hydrogen-powered vehicles are introduced as an alternative to diesel- or petrol-powered cars. The municipal buildings are retrofitting with energy-efficient systems. On top of that, the city runs programs to educate its young generation and raise awareness about climate changes.

3. Check out the world's best restaurant

One of the city’s most popular restaurants is "Noma." This restaurant was elected as the world's best restaurant by Restaurant magazine four times in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. Noma is famous for its New Nordic cuisine, a technique of using seasonal ingredients found in the Nordic region.

Historical Facts About Copenhagen

4. Historical background of Copenhagen

The harbour and the maritime trade industry made Copenhagen famous and prosperous in the past. In 1807, the British royal navy bombarded Copenhagen to seize the Danish fleet and to use the North and Baltic sea for their trading purposes. The German troops occupied Copenhagen along with the rest of the country during the second world war. After the second world war, the city went through several development phases in terms of economic and cultural making the city what it is today.

Copenhagen Culture Facts

5. Copenhagen loves their cycling

Probably one of the most popular facts about Copenhagen is that locals love cycling. Copenhagen is famous as a bicycle-friendly city throughout the world. Cycling is a part of everyday life in the city; the city has more bicycles than residents. Citizens here love cycling regardless of their age and background. There are particular infrastructures for cycling like bridges, cycle tracks, dedicated traffic lights and even tilted trash cans specially designed for cyclists.

6. Comfort “Hygge” lifestyle

Hygge is a lifestyle practiced not only in Copenhagen but also in entire Denmark and Norway. It is a word for a mood of coziness and comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment. It's an atmosphere that you create to relax, have some food and do whatever to satisfy. Also, candles are essential to developing the Hygge atmosphere at home.

7. The fascinating story of the Freetown, Christiania

In the middle of Copenhagen is a community that operates independently. This community is Christiania. They have their own rules, own flag and own way of life. Hippy ideology is the base for many laws in Christiania. Smoking Marijuana is a big part of the lifestyle here. The ideology behind a place like Christiania is to get rid of societal structures and make your own choices to have a free life.

Sustainability Facts About Copenhagen

8. Skiing on an energy plant

CopenHill is an energy plant in Copenhagen which turns the city’s wastage into heat and power. The most unique and remarkable thing about this power plant is its dry ski slope on the roof. No toxins are coming out of the plant's chimneys, making it one of the cleanest waste to energy plants in the world.

9. Floating buildings of Copenhagen

Just like any other coastal city, Copenhagen is running out of land to expand. Architectures in Copenhagen are using water to grow their city. There are already floating parks and apartment buildings and many more expecting to build soon.

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