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11 Interesting Facts About Las Vegas Fully Explained

If you are having a stopover in Las Vegas, you’ll come across a city that is unique to the world has advertises one unique experience to its visitors. An experience filled with booze, gambling, parties and shows. is a unique town with an interesting history. However, there is a lot more to Las Vegas in its history, culture and rich network of some of the best natural attraction in the United States. So here's a list of interesting facts about Las Vegas.

Interesting Facts About Las Vegas

1. Las Vegas earned its reputations by “enforcing” prohibition very lightly

For many hundred years, the native Mohave tribe ruled these desert lands. It was only in the 1770s when a Spanish missionary encountered them. It was the Mexican merchants who, when travelling to Los Angeles, named the valley 'Las Vegas,' meaning 'fertile plains,' as the land was wet and fertile. In the 1850s, the valley started seeing visitors more frequently and soon became a trade stop by the US government. In 1905, the town began to resemble what we now know today.

2. Las Vegas casinos do not pay any city taxes

Want to hear more fun facts about Las Vegas? The city is famous for its casinos, but the hard-profiting casinos do not pay any tax to the city government. Almost every casino located in Paradise, officially incorporated, making the place tax heaven for casinos.

3. Gamblers have used math to beat the odds and won million but they are often not invited back

In this documentary made by BBC, they follow a famous gambler who keeps winning by beating the casinos of their own game. He won $6 Million dollars in one go and is says he is now not “allowed” in any Ceasers.  Link is here.

4. Las Vegas recently built a MEGA STADIUM worth 1.8 Billion

From casinos to bright lights and many other attractions - Las Vegas had it all. But something was missing, a stadium. Fortunately, a vast stadium is under construction, rising ten storeys. Since the beginning of construction, the venue has entered the most expensive stadiums with a $1.8 billion price tag. The mega stadium is located in the center of the city and holds 65,000 attendants at a time.

5. The Secret Garden in the Bellagio Las Vegas changes multiple times a year

One of the most interesting facts about Las Vegas is that its famous secret garden changes multiple times a year. Las Vegas has many beautiful and mesmerizing gardens full of joy and tweeting sounds. But, a garden is hidden in the heart of sin city, ready to be explored by travellers and visitors. The park is located in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino and is one of a kind. Five times a year, the garden's whole theme is changed to impress the visitors. Each show of flowers takes about 125 workers and 80,000 flowers. This garden is made all in the name of beauty, which inspires the horticultural tourist a lot.

6. Las Vegas has a serious water shortage problem

The city has many attractions and is loved by the people worldwide, making it a tourist heaven. But recently, the city is facing a big water problem. Las Vegas only receives 10 cm of rain every year, keeping the town almost in drought. Most of the water for daily needs comes from the Colorado River. However, things get complicated when river water divides into seven states. Recent reports suggest Lake Mead, serving most of Vegas water, is drying up quickly due to the 20-year long drought.

More on that here

7. You can still see the old Las Vegas in a new art exhibit called Area 15

Las Vegas has many entertainment destinations; a new complex has opened in Vegas called Area 15. This complex has 360 immersive art galleries, roller coasters, restaurants, retail tenants, an ice-cream parlour, a gift shop and a food court. More on that here.

8.  You can still see the old Neon signs at the Neon sign Museum

Las Vegas opened a Neon Museum in 2012. This museum features signs from old casinos and other businesses. The signs are considered by Las Vegas locals, business owners, and government organizations to be not only artistically, but also historically, significant to the culture of the city. Each of the restored signs in the collection holds a story about who created it and why it is essential.

9. Hoover Dam was named 8th wonder of the world when it was created

It's is probably the biggest dam on the planet. When Hoover Dam completed during the Great Depression in 1936, it was the tallest dam globally. It intrigues with its size and exceptional design. Explore Hoover Dam through the lens of National Geographic.

10. Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas is Beautiful place to explore

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is about 24 km west of Las Vegas. Easily visible from the Las Vegas Strip. It's referred to for topographical highlights, for example, red sandstone tops. It is a mainstream place for climbing, biking, and rock climbing.

11. The Stratosphere Hotel has the Guinness world record for the largest decelerator decent jump

The Stratosphere Tower opened in 1996. In 2017, Golden Entertainment purchased it from American Casino & Entertainment Properties for $850 million. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free-standing observation tower, about 1100 feet, in the United States and the tallest structure in Las Vegas. The building has set a new world record with its sky jump attraction. Which is a jump from 855 feet up and falling at about the rate of 40mph as you decent ot the bottom.

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