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9 Interesting Facts About Lisbon Explained With Video

The capital city of Portugal is the second oldest capital in Europe. Historians believe Lisbon is four centuries older than Italy's capital, Rome, making it rich in culture, art, and architecture with such a long history behind the city. If you plan to stopover in Lisbon, check out these exciting and fascinating facts about Lisbon to make the most out of your stopover.

Historical Facts About Lisbon

1. Lisbon has a large immigration of young people

Lisbon’s history has been significantly shaped by its harbour, which made it a central hub of trade in Europe and the starting point for voyages of discovery and conquest in the late Middle Ages. But today Young people flock on Lisbon. This may be because of the carefree nature of the Portuguese people, the combination of modern life mixed with deep historal traditions such as listening to and performing Fado, the rich local food scene that uses local ingredients or the the world class surfing that dots the coastline. Explore the city through the eyes of the young people who love Lisbon

2. In 1755 an earthquake brought Lisbon to its knees

One of the most devastating facts about Lisbon is the strongest earthquake that hit the city which was also followed by a massive fire. The great Lisbon earthquake that struck the city on All Saints' Day in 1755 destroyed the city and changed the political, religious and philosophical course all of Europe. A devastating fire and a Tsunami followed after the earthquake causing even more damage to the city. Later, this disaster caused a massive divide between religious thinkers, free thinkers, and philosophers with their interpretations of the earthquake's cause.

3. Lisbon’s had an impressive recovery after the major earthquake

At the time of the earthquake, Portugal was a global superpower. The country's economy was prosperous with discovering diamonds and gold in their colonies in South America. So, the reconstructions started immediately. Many buildings you see today in Lisbon was constructed after the earthquake. These buildings have an equal number of floors and facades, and are built to withstand the next earthquake.

Interesting Lisbon Facts

4. Lisbon is a paradise for surfers

The Atlantic Ocean is the most one of the most consistent surfing zones in the entire world and one of the best spots is in Lisbon Portugal.  Though, it's popularity among tourists is newer Lisbon has a hundred year old surfing history.

Surfing in Portugal

5. A century-old electric has some of the worlds steepest inclines to navigate

The electric tramway operation started in 1873 in Lisbon. These trams pass by some of the famous sites of Lisbon. Today, eight lines are functioning, and out of them, Tram Eléctrico E28 is the most famous and iconic. This tram travels a 7km route with 38 stops in total. Sao Bento, Praça Luís de Camões and Se Cathedral are some of the few tourist attractions pass by the E28 tram.

6. Tourism is effecting local commerce.

Lisbon is becoming more and more famous as a tourist destination. Even though it is beneficial for the city and its citizens, there is a substantial down sight that affects the city's historic shops. The city focuses more on developing infrastructure for its growing visitors. Unfortunately, many of these shops have to pave the way for these constructions but their is an effort to save them.

7. Wall tiles light up Lisbon

Portuguese wall tile has a significant impact on the aesthetic look of Lisbon. The city has many buildings covered with these colourful tiles. Some even say the reason behind Lisbon's unique bright ambience is these tiles reflecting the sunlight. One of the oldest factories still producing these tiles is the Sant'Anna factory. They are still using the same traditional methods to manufacture them.

8. Home to one of the world’s most top-secret recipes

One of the most interesting facts about Lisbon is that it has one of the oldest and top secret recipes in Portugal. "Pastéis da Nata" is a Portuguese egg tart loved by locals as well as tourists. Even though they are made all over the city, only a few know the original recipe, which is at least 180 years old. You can try these original Pastéis da Nata at a small pastry factory named Pasteis de Belém.

9. Lisbon has a culture that loves Vinyl

Lisbon attracts a particular type of tourist who is looking to buy old vinyl records. The city has a unique collection of records. One of the unique collections of records come from when settlers from old Portuguese colonies such as Brazil and African countries returned home and brought this music with them.

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