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11 Interesting Facts About Venice Fully Explained

If you dive into everything Venice, you'll get to know its massive impact on Europe and Eurasia over the middle ages to now. You will get to know Venice so much better before you stopover if you know the city's unique architecture  and its history from its beginnings till now. Here are the interesting facts (and they are truly interesting) about Venice.

Facts to know about Venice's History

  1. Venice growth was possible because it stayed out of conflict

Venice was built by avoiding conflict where possible and making significant business decisions. Going back to the middle ages, Venice's history and its conflicts with its surrounding competition greatly affect what Venice has been historically. One particular conflict of importance to know about was between Venetian and Genoa during the 14th and 15th centuries is uncovered

History of Venice through conflict

2. Venice's wealth was built on the creation of a trade empire

The Venetians were always democratic like republic, which was its competitive advantage in Europe throughout its history. Therefore, leadership was less ideological and grew mostly though pragmatic trade and negotiation compared with conquest. Venice managed to grow its spice empire across Europe from the East to Byzantium to Spain.

History of Venice through trade

3. Venice was built in a lagoon to avoid conflict

The City is sinking 1 to 2 mm each year because plate tectonics and the wooden beams it's built on. Why build here? Well, there are a few reasons, including that the Venetians had fled from multiple conflicts, and the area has excellent natural defences as many surrounding dynasties did not have boats.  Because of its wide mote and ingenious people Venice was allowed to prosper for over 1000 years.

Facts to know about the city of Venice

4. Alarms go off several times a year during high tide

When the tide goes up, the alarms go off. Each consecutive tone is signifying the increasing expected level of flooding in Venice.  Experience what it is like to live in Venice during high tide.

5. Venice is sometimes seen as the Disneyland of Europe

The City's population is decreasing to the point that the City could be a city without a city and, as of 2020, sits at only around 54,000 habitants. With the majority of the businesses target tourists over locals.  To help keep Venice Venice there are protests against the 1.5 million tourist traffic coming from cruises.

6. Tourism is killing the Venice local population

Many local leaders who have started different initiatives to preserve Venice for Venice's people. Watch interviews with local artists, housing advocates, and policy-makers for Venice to learn about about what they are doing.

Has Tourism Killed Venice

7. Venice is requiring new infrastructure to keep it above water

The Government has spent 5 Billion Euros to stop Venice from flooding. The project is overdue, over budget. What is going to happen next? Learn from experts on what is going on.

8. Venice's construction on wooden beams is keeping it afloat

The science channel has unique graphics that create great visuals on Venice's original structure, consisting of over 10 million trees! The illustrations make it really easy to understand the magnitude of the City's impressive construction.

9 Venice is beautiful

Follow National Geographic as they tour Venice's many angles - high quality and beautifully shot.

Beautiful Venice

Facts about Venice's Culture

10. There are only 4 gondola makers left in Venice

Since 1884, the Tramontin family has been making gondolas by hand. There are only 3 other squero's (boatyards) in Venice left. The Tramontin sisters are carrying on the work of their parents and four other generations. They still put thousands of labor hours for each flat-bottomed boat that is created bespoke to its gondolier.

The last of the gondola makers

11. Venice Island of Murano is world reendowed for  glassmakers

The island of Murano is known for as the City of glass, it has been known for its glass making for 1000 years. It is the dream of glassmakers worldwide to learn and watch the glassmakers here.

History of the city of glass

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