Ultimate Guide to Travel Canada While Home

If you have always planned to stopover in Canada but haven't yet. No better place to do it but your couch or kitchen. We have your list of the best movies, videos, tv, books and food to experience the country next best way with out being there.

Best Canadian Movies About Canada

There are many great movies that either take place in Canada or are about Canada. We tried pick a few that were a mix of different cultures and places of Canada so you could see the entire country

Bon Cop Bad Cop

Bad Cop Bon Cop is the best movie to watch to experience Ontario and Quebec and their cultural differences. You also get to experience how obsessive Canadians are towards Hockey.  You'll also see celebrities such as Rick Mercer do cameos in the movie.

Reviews and where to watch

One Week

One Week is a great movie to see Canada from Toronto, Ontario, to Tofino, British Colombia. It's a road-trip movie where the scenery of Canada and many Canadian celebrities have appearances throughout the film.

Reviews and where to watch

The Grand Seduction

The Grand Seduction is a feel-good romantic comedy that takes place in the small town of Ticklefoot Newfoundland (a real place). It's a great movie to see the unique culture and landscapes of Newfoundland.

Where to watch and reviews

Best Canadian Food to Make at home


Enjoying Poutine from a Food Truck.
Photo by Francisca Alvarez / Unsplash

This french classic that involves Fries, cheese and Gravey ..... do I need to say more. Nothing tastes better than poutine at 3 am on your way home from a night out.

A full recipe here from Half Baked Harvest

Butter Tarts

A Butter tart is a sweet-tart that has butter, sugar, syrup and egg then baked in a pastry. You will find these treats at most bakeries in Ontario and is a staple of small-town bakeries

Here is a great Butter Tart Recipe from Northern Ontario

Bannock Bread

Drawing from aboriginal commmuinties, this bread can be eaten many different ways from breakfast to dinner. However, Bannock Bread with jam, butter, syrup, cream or cinnamon spread are some good choices to start with.

Here is a quick recipe for Bannock Bread from the traveled blog

Best Canadian Tv Shows about Canada

Kims Connivence

Made by the CBC (Canadas answer to the BBC). Kim's Convenience is about a Korean Canadian family that runs a convenience store in Toronto. The show is from the perspective of the writers experience growing up in a Korean family in Toronto.

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys takes place in Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast. The shows follow trailer park residents Ricky, Bubbles and Julian, which are now all famous characters in Canada. You'll get to know a little bit about the unique humour of the east coast of Canada


This show has that Canadian accent that everyone makes fun of but is only heard in small towns throughout the country. It is a look into rural culture that exists in Ontario and the prairies where there are three types of people, as the show says, farmers, hockey players and out of towner's.

Best Canadian Books about Canada

The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America

An inconvenient Indian explores the relationship between Canada and its native population from the fifteenth century to today. The reader will learn about Canada's past through the lens of this relationship. This is one of the top-rated Canadian books of all time.

Book of Negros

Book of Negros is a story about a girl brought into slavery from Africa to the USA and her escape to the British.  You will get to know about the experience of her life in the US and what will be Canada.

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is one of the best selling novels worldwide and one of the most famous stories written in Canada and about Canada. The story takes place in Prince Edward Island and is about a orphan girl and her experience living in the fictional town of Avonlea

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